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30 Ways to be a Better Husband

  Make Time for Yourself
  Do the Dishes
  Help Her Snooze
  Stop Dreaming About Alternatives
  Prep Dinner
  Be More Attentive
  Unwind Together
  Compliment Her Privately (sensory)
  Compliment Her Publicly
  Care Less About Possessions
  Visit the Grandparents
  Be a Team
  Be Understanding
  PDA or low key turn ons
  Argue Respectfully
  Kiss Hello and Goodbye and Mean It
  Get Out More
  Keep Laughter on Display
  Hire a Babysitter
  Plan a Romantic Weekend
  Make a Suggestion to Improve Intimacy
  Slow Down
  Assume a New Position (sexually)
  Be More Detailed (frame days from an emotional perspective)
  Make Time for Poker Night
  Fold the Laundry
  Touch More Than Her Vagina
  Remind Her of Your Commonalities
  Unwind After Getting Home Before Dinner and Conversation