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Dads Supporting Dads Group

This group explores the many challenges facing fathers of divorce and how they can engage in effective co-parenting with their former spouse (even when it seems impossible). 

The group will explore many topics such as:

  • How to be an effective co-parent with a difficult ex
  • What are my legal rights as a father
  • How can I protect my children from adult issues
  • The importance of reinventing yourself and benefitting from divorce
  • How to avoid confusing your children when their mother's rules are different
  • The importance of accessing support and knowing what resources are out there
  • How to keep a pulse on your kids' lives when you have less time with them
  • When should I handle things outside/inside the courtroom
  • Who wants to meet a divorced dad and where do I go
  • To register go to the form below or call 203-577-9194 for more information

Facilitator:  Bryon Remo, M.Ed., LMFT
Having both profoessional and personal experience with divorce, I have had the opportunity to truly
understand and connect with many father's who are struggling to manage the divorce and post-divorce
process. Reaching out for support is not something most men are comfortable doing. This group has given
me the privilege of being both the helper and the helped. Dads are under supported and this group gives
men a voice and opportunity to share their successes and struggles and receive invaluable feedback in areas
that aren't always easy to discuss.