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Relationship Therapy

Couples Counseling and Marriage Therapy

Relationship Tips

1.  Play tug o' war on the same side of the rope
2.  Be slow to anger and quick to forgive
3.  Argue about one topic at a time
4.  Try to avoid the word "YOU" (I dare you- it's hard)
5.  Use touch to break tension
6.  A little humor in the right way helps too
7.  Stay in the present (or at least within the last week)
8.  Use open and inviting body language
9.  Don't yell like a toddler or you will feel like one
10.Do a two minute listening activity everyday 

Couples counseling is an invitation to grow deeper and know your partner's emotional needs. These are often hidden behind anger, resentment or sarcasm. When marriage therapy is effective it creates a culture of possibilities where agreement needn't be the goal as much as undertanding. 

Couples need fun

  Marriage Counseling Questions
   To many, marriage counseling is an anxiety provoking process.             Clients have many questions before they feel comfortable with             therapy.

  • What do I do if I can't get my spouse/partner to come in?
  • What do I do if my partner won't change?
  • How is relationship therapy going to help?
  • Do we have to come every week?
  • My husband doesn't believe in therapy. What do I do?
  • Are there couples therapy exercises for us to do?
  • Should we sometimes meet alone or do you not do that?

  • ​These marriage counseling questions can best be addressed in an initial free phone consultation.


Be my best friend too

A little romance please

Relationship Therapy.....kind of sounds boring right? Well...that depends. Most people come to counseling to address crises or at least to put out some fires. For clients in these camps of course couples counseling is not likely to be pleasant. Someone or both are starting out with a lot of anger, blame and resentment. It's truly challenging trying to listen to your partner when you don't know when the next bullet is coming. 

But for those who are truly trying to take their relationship to platinum status, marriage therapy can be a truly enjoyable, albeit sometimes tricky process. The thought of working through anything always
sounds like...well, work. And that's not much fun. But when couples have good energy between them they are often open to each other's influence. Relationship therapy is a lot like trying to navigate a sail boat. You have different roles with equal importance. And when couples are willing to work as teammates they are able to make significant progress.

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